One of the major issues that we face with our applications on our Android smartphones is with regards to the customizations that are not there for us. Who wants to see an advertisement while a video is being played on the video player? Who wants to see advertisements during two levels of an extremely important game? Well, the answer is no one, and you have a solution to that as well. Using Lucky Patcher application, the users will be able to customize their applications as much as they want.

Lucky patcher

This customization that I am talking about includes removal of advertisements from your applications or games, creating free licenses so that you can use the paid features of the application as and when you want. There are quite a few applications in the market that allow you to do these things, but there are not a lot of applications that provide all of these features under one roof. Well, that is why we have the Lucky Patcher. The Lucky Patcher is a simple patching application that will allow you to create customized patches of your favorite Android application. Let us take a look at how to customize any Android app with Lucky Patcher.


How to customize any Android app with Lucky Patcher


Well, in order to understand the patching thing, let us take an example. Getting unlimited gems and coins becomes a very important part of a game, especially when you are in a tight situation and have an urgent need for the gems and the coins. The Lucky Patcher allows you to create a patched application that allows you to buy unlimited gems and coins throughout your favorite game min turn giving you the kind of experience you always wanted. Thus, using Lucky Patcher, you just customized your application to get the best gaming experience possible.


  1. The first step that you will be required to do is to download and install the lucky patcher application.
  2. The application works well for rooted as well as no rooted smartphones, thus depending on your device’s state, the Lucky Patcher will be granted the root access, or you will have to provide it.
  3. Once done, you will be able to see a list of application. These are the applications that are installed on your system.
  4. Now select the application that you want to customize. Click on the app and select the Menu of the patches.
  5. There will be various customizations available depending on the application that you have chosen. Select the patch and apply it.
  6. Wait for the patching process to finish and you are done.


Customizing applications with Lucky Patcher gets very easy, and thus there is no doubt about the application being the best in the market. The application is well suited to serve all your needs when it comes to customizing your Android application the way you want it.