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Do you love to play games? If so, then you will undoubtedly like this blog. We’re going to teach you about the incredible playing tool TGmacro so that you can experience using a macro keyboard & mouse even when you don’t have it. For every game, you may use this straightforward tool to build hundreds of macros. There’s no reason to suppress your joy; let’s learn more about this tool. 


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TGMacro Overview

Gamers may record their typing and gameplay activity with TG Macro, a unique application. You can make macro sequences and hooks with this program or you can use TinyTask, which you can subsequently utilize when performing. This will stop you from repeatedly inputting the code while you play the game. Users could therefore have more space to concentrate on their game.


TRKSYLN introduced TG Macro, which has gained a lot of popularity in the gaming world since then and you may also use TLauncher. The biggest feature of this program is that you may make macros & triggers as you desire and it is totally free. There is absolutely no restriction. Additionally, you don’t have to view intrusive advertisements each moment you are using this.

How to Install & Download TG Macro? 

In this part, we’ll walk you through the steps involved in downloading and installing TG Macro on a desktop or laptop. Additionally, we’ll also go through the system’s necessary requirements for TGMacro to run properly on your Computer.

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System Requirements

  1. Stable Internet- Not required.
  2. O.S.- Windows 7, 8.1, 10, 11, Windows XP, & Windows Vista are the only permitted operating systems. TG Macro won’t function on a PC running an earlier copy of Windows. 
  3. RAM- A 4 GB RAM will be ideal for your machine. However, 2 GB of RAM would also function. Additionally, your PC needs to have 200 MB or more of free space. 
  4. System Architecture- 86 Bit, 64 Bit, or 32 Bit. 

TG Macro Download

  1. Tap on the Free Download button provided Above to download this utility.
  2. After being redirected to the Dwonload page of the site, press the download option once more to get the most recent edition of TG Marco.

Steps to Install TG Macro

  1. Launch the downloaded folder so that you can install TG Marco. For that, you need WinRAR to view the file because it is in.exe format.
  2. Press the Install icon now.
  3. Click the Allow option in the event that a pop-up asks you to permit this document to modify your system.
  4. Once the setup is done, you may start using this program on your PC.

Use TGMacro For PC

Use TGMacro For PC

It can perform various functions including the recording of actions performed by keyboard & mouse, and set up of key statuses. In case you want to make use of TG Macro or Script Hook V then you need to go through a distinct process for each objective. Let’s have a look at how to use it on your PC.

Record Mouse & Keyboard Outcome Process

In order to record mouse & keyboard actions performed by you then, in that case, you need to look at the process mentioned below:

  • Firstly, you need to make a macro.
  • Once the macro has been created, then search for the “Record Settings” icon.
  • Select all the actions which you want to record.
  • Now, tap on the Record option. You can use “hotkey” to record the actions.
  • If you want to record again then no need to make a macro once more just hit on the record option or hotkey to do it.

Steps for Key Statuses Method

For setting keys, you need to look at the instructions given below:

  • Tap on the targeted macro & select the Edit icon or you can visit the “macro editor” & hold the + button.
  • It will generate an action editor.
  • Then, you will see the “Keys – Click here to set keys” button.
  • Choose it & hit on the “key” using your mouse or keyboard.

Macro Manual Making Procedure

Making a macro is one of the essential things if you are using TG Macro. Any action can only be performed if you make a Macro. To make a macro, just go through the steps:

  • For that you need to download & install “MGMacro” on your computer.
  • Then, after opening the tool, click on “Add New Macro +”.
  • Now, provide a “name” to the latest macro.
  • Select Triggering & then hit on Key Events for Trigger Action By.
  • From the “When” option, tap on “Key Hold, Key Pressed, & Key Toggle” icon.
  • After this, you need to select the “Recording” option. It includes Mouse Keys, Movements, Delays, etc.
  • Click on + icon to choose macro action and also select “Action Type”.
  • You need to decide on “Mouse Positioning”.
  • Lastly, choose the keys by tapping on “Keys- click here to set Keys” and press Save.

Should You Use TG Macro? 

If you are so fond of playing games then you should definitely use TG Macro. It will ease your gaming and you will enjoy it more. There is no limitation which means you are allowed to make infinite macro loops & triggers. In case, you are not able to bear the macro mouse & keyboard, then you should use this tool and you will get the same experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is TG Macro & how to use it?

Although you are not using a macro mouse & keyboard, if you use this tool then you will get the same feeling. This tool is designed for gamers and you are allowed to make thousands of macros and also you can customize them. It is also called “TGM Gaming Macro”.

Q2. Can you get banned for using TG Macro?

No, you will not get banned. It is not violating any rules. The games that you are playing using this tool are following the rules and it is also your duty to follow the rules while playing any game.

Q3. What is the objective of TGMacro? 

The objective of this tool is to ease the gaming experience. You can record your actions and only need to enter once the macros & triggers. This will save you time and also you don’t have to write it again and again.

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