How to Fix Putty Network Error Connection Refused

Many times putty users get the error putty network error connection refused. It may be very difficult for a layperson to understand the meaning of this error. The person will have to take technical help from an expert in order to understand more details about this error and to find the right solution for the same.

What is Putty Network Error Connection Refused?

  • Before you understand the exact meaning of the error the first step in to understand the meaning of putty.
  • Putty is an application which gives the user a simple interface. It is more convenient for the difficult internet operations and functions.
  • Overall, this application provides a faultless user experience.
  • However, sometimes the person may get an error called the connection refused error
  • It should be noted that this is more of a technical issue and one will need to take help from a good tech support team to resolve the issue.

Reason for the Putty Network Error Connection Refused:

  • Basically, when putty tries to connect with a server which is not giving the service that this application actually wants then the user may get the error.
  • If the user is connecting to the internet through a router and the router blocks traffic on a port, then too there is a possibility of getting the error.
  • The problem can also be with the IP through which you are trying to connect.

How to Resolve Putty Network Error Connection Refused?

  • The user needs to try and restart the telnet and SSH services.
  • Sometimes the issue may get resolved when the service ports are opened.
  • At times one may have to try and reboot the server
  • It is also important that the user checks the connectivity of the target device. The user must check if he is able to get the type of connectivity that he wants.
  • You will find that most of the times you will need the help of a good system administrator who can check the actual cause of the issue and then try to resolve the same. The system administrator needs to have in-depth knowledge of putty. 

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