Best 5 Kodi Repositories

Kodi is an open source music player which is being used for the Android and other devices. It is available for the different operating system and so anyone can use it. It can support the audio, video, image formats, playlist, third-party plugins, weather forecast and others.

Best Kodi Addons

For Kodi download, one has to have the 3d capable hardware. They need an upgraded system to be supported. The Kodi applications have different add-ons. They get a huge popularity. But the Kodi team keeps on launching new add-ons even though they are liked by the people. Thus every now and then they keep on changing.

Best Repositories For Kodi :

So here are few kodi add-ons which have gained a high popularity from others:

Neptune rising:  

You can watch movies and television serial which are arranged in a unique layout. You can find the Neptune rising in the blamo repositories. To get this add-on, go to the setting and click on the file manager.

neptune rising addon

On the left, there is add a source which should be selected, click the NONE option and then type the BLAMO for the Neptune rising. Now go back to the menu and click add-ons. Select the page installer and then click the install from zip file. Open the blamo to gain open the Blamo repositories. Then click the video add-ons which open in the Neptune rising. Click the install.


It is a fork of Exodus and having multiple options and links. You will find this addon in the blamo repositories too. Follow the same process of installation in the Neptune rising. Just at the end, choose the placenta and install it. You can get this addon from this repository too. Thus it is easy and convenient to install once you know the steps of the installation.

Genesis reborn:

It is actually the rebirth of the older genesis version of the add ons. It is the fork that same old genesis. Only the code has been upgraded and the new changes have been welcomed. 

Genesis reborn addon

This one includes the TV shows, movies and other entertainments divided into sections. The add on is found in the Jesus box as it is for the Jesus box repository. Follow the same but instead of blamo click the Jesus repo at those places. Otherwise, the process is fully similar.


It is also a kodi add-ons which is based on the very famous exodus codes. The old repo colossus has been closed down. Instead, a new repo has taken its place XvBMC has taken its place. Only the repo options have been changed. Otherwise, it is same a step above. The location of the above adds on is in the XvBMC addons.


incursion addon

This is a total new repo add ons which is based on popular exodus and covenant plugins. One can find this add on in the incursion repo. Its location is the addons 4kodi repository.

Thus beside all these, there are many others too. We have selected above Repositories on the basis of the userbase of each of them. Hope our list will help you find the best Addon for your Kodi.  

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